Israel vs Israel
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We encourage schools, libraries and organizations and people to screen Israel vs Israel in order to educate and create a dialogue about important the issues covered in the film. Israel vs. Israel informs and educates people about the situation in the West Bank. The film contains unique footage and interviews from leading activists in Jerusalem. Israel vs. Israel is an international success, and it has managed to bring together people from all sides that believe in peace, justice and co-existence.

Many issues covered in the film are not addressed in the mainstream media; independent documentaries advance the understanding of different values and points of view. We invite you to be part of our effort to inform and enlighten our community.

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"a powerful documentary that will stir up discussion and debate." -The Kansas City Jewish Chronicle

"…the passionate struggles of the four activists depicted by Carlssonare as moving
as they are startling."
-The Brunswickan

"ISRAEL VS. ISRAEL is one of the most important docu-mentaries I have seen in the growing arsenal of cinematic testimonies to the oppression of the Palestinian people."
-Art Threat