Israel vs Israel
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We thank the following people whose generous assistance is helping make the Israel vs Israel US Tour possible.


Bill Aboudi
Simon Klose
Larry Haiven
John A Lappart
Lisa Weil
Elizabeth Saenz Ackermann
Saad Abdel-haq
Simon Klose
Drew Cohen
Larry Kamerman
Salim Abidi
Pablo Ben
Jill Elizabeth
Dotan Z. Harpak
Ann Shin, Fathom Film Group
(Toronto, Canada)
Rael Nidess
Yoram Gelman
Kathy Nitsan
Anila Muhammad
Lisa Adams
Shirley M. Meckley
Ellen Hecht

Eve Hershcopf
Paul Rehm

B. Stoll
Bear Guerra

George Graves

Outreach Partners

Alternate Focus

The Rachel Corrie Foundation
for Peace and Justice

Levantine Cultural Center

Jewish Voice for Peace - Los Angeles

Today's Jewish Heroes

Fresno Center for Nonviolence

LA Jews for Peace

Friends of Sabee

UNM Students for Justice in Palestine

Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice

Brooklyn for Peace

Cousins Club of Orange Coun

Jewish Voice for Peace – Sacramento

Palestine Israel Study Group of Unitarian

Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarians
and Universalists

First Universalist Church, Denver, CO

"a powerful documentary that will stir up discussion and debate." -The Kansas City Jewish Chronicle

"…the passionate struggles of the four activists depicted by Carlssonare as moving
as they are startling."
-The Brunswickan

"ISRAEL VS. ISRAEL is one of the most important docu-mentaries I have seen in the growing arsenal of cinematic testimonies to the oppression of the Palestinian people."
-Art Threat